Luxury Greek Retreats for Holistic Wellness

A place for soul-rich Greek retreats in the heart of the countryside: Kinsterna Hotel’s pool’s and surrounding nature in Monemvasia, Peloponnese.
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There are tons of beautiful places that you could check out in Greece. And one that often slips off the mainstream radar is the Peloponnese and its splendidness. Specifically, in Monemvasia, possibly the region’s most spectacular spot, you may witness centuries-old heritage as you step into a part of history itself, but also nurture your sense of wellness, beside rolling vineyards of the surrounding countryside. In this enchanting part of the Peloponnese, Kinsterna Hotel offers an unmatched destination as far as luxury Greek retreats go. Join us as we discover why this historical hotel should be on your radar if you are interested in soul-rich sojourns that have meaning. 

The Ambiance – Spend slow, unhurried moments

Immerse in the sensual ambiance of our estate, where pathways naturally lead you through blooming gardens whilst you listen to the birds chirping and the cicadas sing. Water is the dominant element at Kinsterna; this life-giving force is present all around, in the iconic cistern, the fresh water pools, the old water well and the natural spring. The air is rich with the scent of herbs and flowers, inviting you to slow down and savour every moment.

Factor in the exceptional, land-to-table gastronomy you can enjoy at Kinsterna Hotel and the plethora of authentic activities that reignite the connection between people and land, and you have one of the best places for luxury Greek retreats where you can simply leave the world behind. Experience the slow, rhythmic pace of life that defines true relaxation and a holistic sense of wellness.

The Spa – For an elevated sense of wellness  

Luxury Greek retreats with a focus on wellness come naturally here. Choosing Kinsterna Hotel is akin to being welcomed into a world of pure and utter relaxation. In the heart of the property you will find the Spa quarters that invite you to indulge in a series of curated therapies and treatments that aim at soothing the body and calming the mind. 

Since water is the key element at Kinsterna, we invite our guests to explore the 60-minute Magical Aquatic World. Experience transitions through steam, rain, and ice, including a herbal steam session to detoxify and boost circulation, concluding with a blissful hydro massage in the Jacuzzi for letting it all sink in. This unique journey promises to rejuvenate your body and refresh your spirit, encapsulating the essence of wellness and relaxation. 

Kinsterna Signature Treatments

Introducing a curated selection of signature treatments that embody our ethos of self-sufficiency, by incorporating locally sourced ingredients for a truly authentic and deeply nourishing experience.

Take, for instance, the Secret of Olive Oil Essences treatment. It offers a holistic journey for radiant, supple skin and deep relaxation, beginning with a full-body exfoliation using a secret blend of sugar, honeycomb, citrus juices, and vitamin-rich extra virgin olive oil followed by a luxurious wrapping experience. Complete your journey with a soothing facial ritual and nourishing hair mask infused with olive oil.

Alternatively, try the restorative properties of grapes extract with the Grape Expectations Ritual. It is a perfect summer indulgence choice, as it begins with a rejuvenating full-body exfoliation infused with brown sugar, cinnamon, citrus essences, extra virgin olive oil and grapes, followed by a nourishing wrap and facial treatment.

In addition to these, you will also find a range of therapies and treatments by the premium spa brands Omorovicza and ALQVIMIA, which use products that work holistically to enhance your wellbeing. 

Facials, Body Rituals & Massages

For those who have specific areas that require attention, our spa menu has a variety of Facials and Body Rituals that include age-defying treatments such as the Rejuvenate Facial, a nourishing and reparative experience that reduces wrinkles and fine lines while restoring vitality and luminosity to the skin, or the detoxifying Queen of Egypt treatment that combines the natural healing powers of Dead Sea salt and mud. And of course, our range of Massages are aimed at instant relief from muscular tensions. From the Candle massage to the invigorating Fight the Stress massage, there’s a treatment to address every need.

For Men & Children

And lest we forget the gentlemen, an introduction of the Men’s Facial Treatment is in order. This rejuvenating solution erases signs of fatigue and aging, leaving skin invigorated and radiant. And isn’t that what you need?

And for those traveling with children, take note as Kinsterna ensures that the whole family indulges in relaxation with the Kids Spa Menu. Treat them to the Happy Kids or Chocolate Therapy, and get extra brownie points. There is also a family pool and an indoor play area, not to mention a bunch of other kids activities in nature to keep them occupied and entertained. 

Greek retreats geared towards wellness, sustainability and discreet luxury aren’t a faraway concept at Kinsterna Hotel; it’s a tangible way of life. Indulge your senses in signature treatments inspired by nature, while every aspect of the hospitality experience is designed to nurture, reconnect, and renew. So, come and intentionally escape to where soul-tuning awaits, amidst the splendid beauty of Monemvasia.

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