The tasty identity of the place

Farm to table at Kinsterna (1)

From our land to your table

An indispensable element, an inviolable rule of every aspect of the experience of total relaxation and enjoyment that we offer at Kinsterna Hotel, is localness – in its most authentic form. The culinary approach that our chef and his team have followed in creating the proposals that comprise the menus of our restaurants follows the same philosophy.

Simple and delicate flavours that result from the combination of raw materials of exceptional quality, invite us to indulge in the Mediterranean delights of Greek cuisine. In perfect harmony with our wines, the dishes served both around the Byzantine cistern (in the award-winning, homonymous restaurant “sterna”, with fine dining proposals) and under the shade of the trees in the tavern “linos” (with food simmered in the wood-fired oven) and the all day restaurant “mouries”, guarantee the awakening of the senses in a gastronomic experience of getting to know the local flavours.
In each of the different versions offered by the three restaurants of Kinsterna Hotel, the inspiration generated by traditional Greek cuisine, perfectly combined with modern techniques, remains dominant. Our gratitude for all the gifts the Greek land offers us translates into highlighting the flavourful characteristics of each vegetable and fruit that thrives in our gardens.

The biggest “exhibition” of Laconian products to which we invite you daily, throughout your stay at Kinsterna Hotel, is none other than the “Greek Breakfast” we offer: a feast of flavours and local dishes such as sourdough bread, local cheese “ladotiri”, traditional “tsaitia” pies, pumpkin pie, lalangia, trachanas and rice pudding. Here, we usher in the new day with a delicious feast, colourful and fragrant – and above all tasty. The seasonal produce of the farm is in the spotlight, adding to the morning rite of awakening the taste of prickly pears transformed into the most refreshing juice, and the crunchy sweetness of a tart with figs from our trees.

Our oil
Excellent taste, highest quality
Our wine
A unique oenological journey
Our products
Inspired by the Laconian earth


sterna restaurant - kinsterna hotel (4)
sterna restaurant - Kinsterna Hotel (6)
sterna restaurant - Kinsterna Hotel (7)
sterna restaurant - Kinsterna Hotel (10)
sterna restaurant (indoor) - Kinsterna Hotel (5)
Fine Dining in a magical setting

When the night falls, around the waters of the cistern dominates the large courtyard of the mansion, another kind of magic bubbles up: this time, from the kitchen of Kinsterna Hotel. In the award-winning Sterna restaurant, Greek flavours are transformed into dishes that offer the experience of a high-level degustation menu.

Mouries All-day Restaurant - Kinsterna Hotel (1)
Mouries All-day Restaurant - Kinsterna Hotel (2)
mouries-restaurant-kinsterna (2)
Journey to flavoursome memories
mouries all-day

The all-day restaurant mouries is surrounded by the homonymous mulberry trees; they gave it its name, they give us the coolness of their shade when we sit around the outdoor tables. Authentic preparations and homemade flavours prevail here. The fertile soils with abundant water springs around Kinsterna bless the table with fresh seasonal produce.

Kinsterna Hotel - linos tavern
Kinsterna Hotel - linos tavern
Tavern linos - Kinsterna Hotel.jpg (3)
Tavern linos - Kinsterna Hotel
Traditional taverna
Linos tavern

What is it that always makes us return to the most beautiful version of popular cuisine and seek out taverns? Their delicious food, the authentic atmosphere and the lack of any unnecessary formality?



Kinsterna Hotel Mouries Bar
Warmth, atmosphere, calmness.
mouries bar

Mouries is Kinsterna’s bar that awaits you throughout the year. A place dedicated to the enjoyment of favourite drinks, fine wines; but also our exclusive cocktails, inspired by the aromas of the herbs that fill the air around the mansion with scents, stirring the senses.

Kinsterna Hotel - Belvedere area
Overlooking the olive tree, the vineyard and the sea.
belvedere bar

The view we see while relaxing at the Belvedere bar seems to encapsulate Elytis’ famous phrase: “If you dismantle Greece, in the end you will find that you will be left with an olive tree, a vineyard and a boat. Which means, with so much more, you can rebuild it”.

Relaxation in the embrace of nature
pool bar

The Pool Bar is located next to the adult’s pool. Here the coolness of the water on the skin meets the coolness of cocktails and the light enjoyment of small meals throughout the day. Drawing inspiration from the fresh fruit of our garden, we offer our own version of timeless favourites, cocktails bursting with notes of fresh fruit.

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