Our land

is reborn by a hospitality philosophy

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Taste the pirate’s nectar and centuries’ old olives
Our vineyards and olive groves

A permanent companion during your stay at Kinsterna Hotel is the natural beauty of the landscape surrounding the estate. Here, Nature embraces us and generously offers us her gifts: the pure raw materials that give the manor its autonomy and us unsurpassed experiences with ingredients of authentic tastes, textures and aromas. Our vineyards are a historical part of the tradition that has made the region famous for its wines. The unique varieties and the special character of the soil continue even today to give birth to a series of labels that highlight local grape varieties such as Kydonitsa, Agiorgitiko, Assyrtiko and especially Monemvasia.

In our olive groves the dominant variety is none other than the local “Athinolia”. Its oil has characteristics that place it among the most excellent virgin olive oils: it is considered unique because of its high polyphenol content. The extra virgin olive oil that we bottle ourselves – and which is the star of our dishes – can travel back home with you and accompany your own creations, since it is available in the hotel’s shop.

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Relax and rejuvenate in a unique environment
Our gardens

At Kinsterna Hotel, even the shortest route invites our eyes to rest in nature and relax. As you walk around the fertile gardens, you will be greeted by a series of stimulants. Be it the imposing cypress trees that lead you to the pool and tavern, the evening primrose and jasmine that tenderly bid you goodnight after the last cocktail under the stars while in the early hours of the day the soft, morning light gracefully caresses the vines and olive trees. Similarly, the fruit bearing trees and the various aromatic plants introduce themselves in various ways. Either on a stroll through the orchards or by participating in their harvesting, savouring them through the honorary role they receive at our restaurants in the form of creative culinary combinations or by enjoying them through inspired treatments at Kinsterna Hotel’s spa.
Among our cosmetic products, we particularly highlight some that make use of the botanical wealth of the estate, offering a Mediterranean pampering experience of exclusively natural origin.

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