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Taste the pirate’s nectar and centuries’ old olives

Kinsterna Vineyards
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The Greek tradition of the “terraces” in landscape architecture, aiming to facilitate the flow of water to enliven the land, has co-signed the design of the estate and is behind the way in which the levels of Kinsterna Hotel unfold. Looking up, just above the century-old olive groves, we see, as a crowning jewel, the mansion’s vineyard.

Excellent wine has been a central element of Monemvasia’s identity and key to its export trade for centuries. The production of Malvasia wine is mentioned in written sources from at least 1340 AD, when it was used at the coronation of the Patriarch of Kiev, and dominated the markets of the East & West for four centuries. With great excitement, love and passion, along with the revival of the mansion, we also revived the vineyards, wishing to highlight the local grape varieties such as Kydonitsa, Assyrtiko and especially Monemvasia. The varieties from which the famous sun-dried wine ‘Monemvasia – Malvasia’ is produced, registered in 2010 as a protected designation of origin (PDO) for the region of Monemvasia.

The wine “Monemvasia-Malvasia”, the “nectar of the pirates” as the historical tradition calls it, was bottled for the first time in 2010. It is aged in oak barrels for 24 months, then bottled in a special label that you can find in our cellars. Confirming the localness of this unique wine has – like everything at Kinsterna Hotel – its own story. The origin of “Monemvasia-Malvasia” was claimed by French, Spanish and Italian winemakers. Remarkable efforts by Greek oenologists and historians have proven that its birthplace is indeed Monemvasia, as the word ‘Malvasia’ confirms.

The earth knows better than anyone how to return the love and care it receives a hundredfold: by loving our vines and helping each vine to blossom, we enjoy in return a wonderful white wine with a seductive citrus aroma and notes of bergamot and quince. Kinsterna Hotel’s dionysian orchestra also features an excellent rosé, which exudes intense, fruity aromas of cherry, strawberry and rose. Our red wine finally comes to complete the list with the aromatic intensity of red fruit and plum. Our tasting experience takes us back to the markets of the East, as it contains sweet spice, pepper, cinnamon and a hint of smokiness, thanks to its careful ageing in oak barrels for more than two years.

East and West meet at the “crossroads of peoples”. The location on the map has often determined the fate of our country, entangling it in adventures, but at the same time favouring it through the coexistence of peoples and the creative dialogue of cultures. It is the same with the vineyard: the location of Kinsterna Hotel is responsible for the exceptional quality of our wines, as it is situated on a slope over the Aegean Sea. The reflection of light in the sea water, the soul of the Greek landscape, reaches the vines and the ancient dance of grape binding begins. The estate, like another ancient theatre, thanks to its amphitheatrical formation, enhances air circulation and invites the Aegean breeze into the vineyard. The endless work of Dionysus could not be missing the chthonic elements: the clay loam subsoil gives unique organoleptic characteristics to the final product.

There is so much to feel, to know, to taste in the life cycle of the vine and the olive tree. In our olive groves the dominant variety is none other than the local “Athinolia”. Its oil has characteristics that place it among the most excellent virgin olive oils: it is considered unique because of its high polyphenol content. The extra virgin olive oil that we bottle ourselves – and which is the star of our dishes – can go back home with you and accompany your own creations, since it is available in the hotel’s shop.

At Kinsterna Hotel, we never cease to tell the stories of our wines. Come and experience every stage of the wine and olive-growing journey together: from the harvest, the traditional pressing of grapes and olives on the linen, the distillation of tsipouro to the unique experience of tasting Malvasia.

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