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Warmth, atmosphere, calmness.

Kinsterna Hotel Mouries Bar
mouries bar
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Mouries is Kinsterna’s bar that awaits you throughout the year. A place dedicated to the enjoyment of favourite drinks, fine wines; but also our exclusive cocktails, inspired by the aromas of the herbs that fill the air around the mansion with scents, stirring the senses. Both in the cosy atmosphere of the interior and on the impressive terrace with the view of the vineyard, the olive trees and the Aegean blue, we ensure you conditions of absolute relaxation and privacy.

Inside the bar we are welcomed by the old still, with its sealed cauldron and copper pipes. It is the main decorative element and takes us back in time, silently narrating the tradition and the art of distillation. Antique furniture, a piano and modern objects are combined harmoniously in a meeting of yesterday’s and today’s aesthetic.

The outdoor area of Mouries bar, under the arbour, is also ideal for small social events, as it is designed to offer privacy among guests.

Operations Hours: daily 18:00 – 00:00
No Reservations required

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