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A feast for all the senses. The gifts of Nature, the authentic raw materials of the estate, star in the dishes of Kinsterna Hotel’s chef and his team. Here, we can start the day by tasting many different kinds of handmade marmalades, some of which we will find again in the desserts of the meals, along with spoon sweets made from fruits of the estate.

Our tetralogy of wines, crowned by the legendary Monemvasia – Malvasia, becomes the protagonist in a daily ritual of enjoyment, while our range of cosmetic products rejuvenates body and spirit. Our first introduction to them is the organic soap and antiseptic (with its characteristic and – admittedly – beloved smell) that is found in all the bathrooms of the mansion and the rooms. From there, the journey into the deeply aromatic and beneficial experience continues with the range of pampering that awaits to accompany moments of personal relaxation in the rooms and spa of Kinsterna Hotel.
Our aim is, through the acquaintance with the products of the Laconian land, to connect people with nature and familiarise them with the gastronomic history of the region of Laconia. Together, we celebrate the gifts of nature and embrace all that it teaches us.
As an extension of the Kinsterna experience and as a precious souvenir of the unique moments hosted by the mansion, all our products are available and packaged with special care to accompany you on your journey home. The option of shipping products to any address of your choice is also available.

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