Step into history

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The principle of all
Our history

One of the most fascinating experiences that Kinsterna Hotel’s space encompasses is its history. Touring the rooms and levels of the mansion brings us in touch with material remains of other times and stories that are moving.

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is reborn by a hospitality philosophy
Our land

Embraced by ancient vineyards, olive groves and verdant gardens, our land is reborn by a hospitality philosophy inspired by history and tradition all the while remaining deeply connected to the nature that surrounds it.

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The most important pillar of our philosophy
Our people

The beating heart of Kinsterna is undoubtedly its people. The people who are backbone of our philosophy which is based on the cultivation and celebration of the human element.

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Authentic Products of the estate
Our products

Blessed to call such fertile lands our home, our philosophy is one that revives the land and the cultural practices that used to take place for hundreds of years before us.

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Giving back to the community
Local community

For many centuries, this property was a model of autonomy and sustainability, functioning harmoniously within a rich and lively natural environment. Fed by abundant flowing water from natural springs, the estate nourished the people living on it and undoubtedly contributed to the local economy, as shown by historical archives from the Byzantine and Ottoman years.

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We believe in a sustainable hotel & future

We believe that we must all contribute to a sustainable future. That is why we are working on several initiatives within Kinsterna, our sustainable hotel in Greece, that are aimed at securing positive

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