Kinsterna Experiences
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Finding joy in meaningful activities
The tour of the mansion offers the visitor the opportunity to observe the architectural details of the construction, to walk along the paths between the gardens enjoying the vibrant colours and aromas of the plants (more than 250 species), to visit the old olive grove, the wood-fired oven and our antique shop.
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A meaningful gift of renewal
A spa experience is the best way to complete the journey of getting to know the nature of the Mediterranean land. The healing power of herbs accompanies us in the unique experience of the Kinsterna Spa, which among other things, offers organic treatments based on natural products of the estate, such as olive oil, honey and grapes. For a complete wellness proposal, we offer the possibility of exercising in the specially designed area of the mansion.
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Total relaxation in nature
Swimming pools
The impressive swimming pool with its private relaxation areas amidst the fragrant orange trees offers the ultimate in relaxation, combined with the enjoyment of a cocktail with sea views under the blue sky.
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Life is meant to be a celebration
The Kinsterna hotel has two impressive event spaces. One, in the library with its Byzantine solemn atmosphere that is ideal for small corporate meetings while the other conference room is ideal for conferences and retreats.
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With love for the children
For Children
Kinsterna's fairy-tale setting radiates a calm energy that awakens our intrinsic and inseparable relationship with the natural environment. By designing the space in order to showcase this unique gift in a way that is accessible to all ages, we have created something special for our young visitors.
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Meet the antique shop of our mansion
Antique Shop
During the restoration of the mansion, we incorporated many old materials into the space - such as handmade iron doors, lanterns, as well as furniture and decorative objects belonging to the owners. Some of this collection was preserved to be displayed in the antique shop, along with a variety of other items. Each of them hides a little bit of history and offers the opportunity of acquiring unique souvenirs.
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Acquire unique woven fabrics
Kinsterna products, in addition to the hotel's Reception, are also available in Kinsterna store, located in the heart of Monemvasia. This store is a practical expression of our desire to make the products of our land available to everyone. Olive oil, wine, soap, marmalades, spoon sweets, honey and more are waiting to be taken home with you. Weavings and traditional embroideries are also available in-store along with the traditional pit weaving loom which echoes the tradition that was once an integral part of the household. You will have the opportunity to observe this old weaving loom in person - as well as many other old objects that could be of interest to them.
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