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Let nature inspire the future that the new generation will dream of

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What could be more capable of teaching beauty, introducing simplicity, awakening the imagination, than the daily adventure of playing in Nature? Kinsterna’s fairytale setting radiates a calm energy that awakens our intrinsic and inseparable relationship with the natural environment. By designing the space in order to showcase this unique gift in a way that is accessible to all ages, we have created something special for our young visitors. The holistic experience we’ve designed for children and teens includes outdoor activities like biking and hiking.

Within the estate, we encourage and invite our younger guests to try swimming in the children’s pool, planting new trees, picking olives and harvesting grapes, collecting herbs, studying the stars, riding the horses, or our old carriage and donkey; and even (new to most children) interacting with the sheep and donkey that roam free in the stable.

At the same time, we have stocked the mansion’s library with board games and books, and the layout of the space has been designed to encourage interaction between visitors, to chat and get to know each other. The open-air playground, created on the site where the “Pasha’s Harem” was located, gives children the opportunity to enjoy a carefree game or climb up the impressive tree house, creating the most fantastic stories! For the colder months, there is the possibility to use the indoor playground next to the children’s pool, which is suitable for both young and older children. For couples with babies, Kinsterna offers a babysitting service, so that parents can enjoy romantic moments in the mansion or visit the attractions of the area.

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