Our people

The most important pillar of our philosophy


Localness, as an element of authenticity but also as a revival of the mansion’s supporting role in the region’s economy, is a common characteristic of most of us who welcome you and take care of your stay at Kinsterna Hotel.
The identity of the people who set in motion every process necessary for its operation is an integral part of our vision and values. Therefore, we consciously emphasise the human factor and make our primary concern to ensure warm, authentic hospitality: a concept that was born, resides and is proudly served throughout Greece.
Through everything we weave together and offer you here, at Kinsterna Hotel, we strive to celebrate the word hospitality with etymological precision: the word comes from philo (= to love) + stranger, embodying the concept of absolute acceptance and care of a previously foreign and now friend in our home. In exactly the same way we wish to welcome every visitor, honouring this tradition that dates back to antiquity.
People are the heart of Kinsterna. People who arrive here seek mental and physical upliftment, relaxation and rejuvenation through reconnection with themselves and Nature. People who are happy to open the doors of the mansion, remaining discreetly alert and strictly adhering to professional behaviour; but also with a genuine desire to introduce our guests to our own little piece of paradise in the Southern Peloponnese. For us, Kinsterna Hotel is our home and it gives us satisfaction and great pleasure to share its wonderful temperament with you, our guests.

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