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Kinsterna Community

Our commitment to the protection of the natural environment that hosts us is practically observed through every initiative and action we take, always aiming at the active support of the local community and the sustainable development of the region. Community involvement and contribution is at the heart of Kinsterna’s philosophy, since autonomy and self-sufficiency without a strong community is not possible.
Initiatives such as the study of the diving park or the opening and marking of our local trails, as well as choices such as the strategic preference for local producers for the procurement of meat, dairy and fish to our restaurants are some examples. Our goal is to ensure that what Kinsterna’s unique natural environment generously provides is enjoyed by our guests and locals alike. We therefore work towards a better version of the present, but also to ensure our continuity into the future.
By opening the doors of the mansion to the new generation, we offer schools in the area the possibility of educational visits and guided tours, in order to introduce them to the local history and the philosophy of reviving traditional practices that reconnect us with Nature. The local community is a valuable ally, providing us – literally and figuratively – with all the raw materials that inspire us and push us to evolve and create together. A tangible expression of this mutually beneficial relationship is the dynamic meeting that often takes place in the well-equipped conference room of the Kinsterna Hotel, where events are hosted to enhance the region’s agri-tourism potential.
We always continue to look for opportunities and actions that help strengthen the intrinsic, historic ties between our hotel and our community; and we invite all of you to become part of this effort.

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