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The scene is set at Kinsterna Hotel, for a fairytale wedding in Monemvasia
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Are you dreaming of a fairytale wedding in Monemvasia? Our historic mansion, overlooking the sea and medieval castle town, offers the perfect backdrop. Rustic and refined elegance amidst countryside splendor is our strong point; enjoy lush surroundings, exquisite dining options, and beautiful ceremony locations, including the picturesque Zoodochos Pigi chapel with stunning Aegean views. As for curating all the details? Enter our experienced planners, who will make your day as special as can be. 

Picture the wedding of your dreams and let us dreamweave it into reality at Kinsterna Hotel – one of the most enchanting resorts in the southern Peloponnese for a showstopping wedding in Monemvasia. This historical gem exudes a palpable ambiance that hits your heartstrings at hello and makes your soul sing at goodbye. Its uniqueness lies in the riveting mix of old-world authenticity and stately luxury that feels like being in a time-warp. Beautiful and intriguing in equal measures, you’ll find it to be more than a place to celebrate your wedding day.

Beyond the inspiring settings for the actual event, there is so much more to discover. In between ancient olive groves and vineyards, the slow pace of life, and our luxurious offerings that include experiences within the embrace of nature, you’ll find the meaning of being present and taking your time to hold space for every aspect that surrounds you. 

The grounds of the estate at Kinsterna Hotel are the dreamscape upon which to canvas the first day of your joint life together. Situated in a historic structure dating back to the 19th century, the history of the property reads like a storybook you simply can’t put down. 

Mornings are intentionally lazy, as the sun gradually climbs up to the highest point in the sky. Luckily, ours is a resplendent place where nature is bountiful, so you will not have trouble finding coolness under the shade of trees. Evenings are exceptionally inviting at Kinsterna Hotel. As dusk sets in it leaves behind its fiery hues before the moon takes over, shining its celestial light onto new beginnings filled with the promise of forever. 

Delighting yourselves with a glass of Malvasia over heart warming conversations, or sharing our exceptional culinary creations have a deeper meaning. Our land to table philosophy means tasting the freshness and purity of ingredients in the expertly executed recipes that uncover layer upon layer of flavor – whether you are tucking into a fine dining dish at Sterna or a wholesome household staple at Linos Tavern. A nightcap is almost customary at our Mouries Bar that is perfect for soaking up the sea views and Monemvasia rock in the background.  

When it’s time for the big celebration of your wedding in Monemvasia, the Belvedere Bar is one of the most suitable spots to host your wedding reception. You’ll quickly find out that the services offered at Kinsterna are as impressive as the edifice itself, and that your wedding in Monemvasia will be curated after with the utmost care. From the style, the atmosphere and every little detail, in this country-chic haven, you, your partner and your guests are going to create lasting memories that will be cherished for life.

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