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The Peloponnese is one of the as of yet still greatly undiscovered areas of Greece. And considering its proximity to Athens, actual size and beguiling nature, we’d say it is a mystery as to why. What isn’t a mystery is why Kinsterna Hotel is a true gem within the region. If you’re planning on taking holidays to Peloponesse this summer, and want to experience the absolute essence of an unspoiled Mediterranean heaven, head to Kinsterna Hotel

Kinsterna is one of those properties with personality. It is a decidedly laid-back, easy-going luxurious hospitality establishment that invites you to rediscover your roots and the slow-paced living of simpler times. To this effect, a wide selection of experiences and activities bring you closer to the agrarian way of life that we so yearn for in this fast-moving digital age. 

Year Round Activities –

Sauntering around, soaking up the vibes of the vicinity, is one of the many popular year-round activities at Kinsterna Hotel. During your stay with us, we encourage you to get involved in as much as you possibly can to fully immerse into the ways of the land and discover the meaning of everything that goes on.

Nature Walks & Sightseeing

So grab one of our complimentary bicycles and cycle around the 25-acre estate. It is the only way you’ll get to understand the sheer expanse and magnitude of meaning that the concept of Kinsterna alone wields. Well, that and our guided tour of the mansion and gardens of course where you can learn our story and better connect with your surroundings. 

And while you’re in an active mood, we suggest you take a hike through the vineyards and the adjacent fields and footpaths. You’ll get to traverse through one of the most stunning natural landscapes of the Peloponnese, plus you’ll reach an ancient find – the ruins of a fort dating back to the Hellenistic period, circa 250 BC. From there, you can choose to walk up the slope to the highest point in the hills, or head down to the sea for a dip, through the village of Koulentia. Holidays to Peloponnese offer guests the double advantage of both mountain and seaside landscapes.

On the subject of hiking, note that Kinsterna also offers a hiking route to the nearby Maleas hill where an old spring and castle is located. This is another one that you can combine with the previous routes into one all-encompassing morning or afternoon.
Finally, one of the most quintessential experiences is to horseback ride through the resplendent countryside, connecting with nature and these magnificent animals. 

Bee One With Nature

While on your holidays to Peloponnese, why not take the chance to discover one of nature’s most altruistic endeavours? And by that, we mean bees and their keeping. Without bees, the world would be a different place – and not for the best. Here at Kinsterna Hotel, you can learn about their importance to the ecosystem by attending one of our beekeeping workshops – see the keepers in action, find out about the practices, history and tools needed to develop and sustain a colony, not to mention the honey harvest and the final result – an exquisite raw honey packed with bountiful nutrients which we encourage you to savour on our honey tasting activity.

Arts, Crafts & More

Those who are handy with their hands (pun intended), can try their skills in candle making using the beeswax from our beehives, as well as soap making, traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation. Watch and learn as we create something lasting and fragrant using natural ingredients to take home with you as a reminder of your time here. Speaking of fragrant things, who doesn’t love the smell of freshly baked bread? Our country bread making workshop is where your nostrils will lead you.
The list of year-round activities goes on at Kinsterna Hotel. They include boat excursions, fishing trips, degustation experiences such as wine tasting the region’s finest, including both Kinsterna wines and the Malvasia variety, plus olive oil tasting and private cooking classes. 

Seasonal Activities –

Now, while all the aforementioned activities are enjoyed year round, the next few are not, since they are, by natural design, seasonal. So make sure you plan your holidays to Peloponesse accordingly, if you want to experience them.

Harvests – Olive season (End of October – End of January)

For instance the olive harvest & oil production is one of our most popular activities, from the end of October to the end of January, when the olive trees are shaken to dislodge the precious olives from them. These hand picked olives are then taken to the mill, where they are subjected to a rigorous crushing routine, after which, the oil is curated with a few simple twists. Combine this with the year-round activity of olive oil tasting to get the full circle experience. 

Harvests – Grape season (Mid August – Mid September)

Likewise with the grape harvest, stomping and pressing. Within the estate, you’ll find a vast 5-acre vineyard that produces our wine. What’s more, you can partake in the traditional stomping of the grapes in the ‘patitiri’, where people gather and eat, drink and chill while they perform the ritual. 

Distillation – Tsipouro spirit (Mid October – End December)

One of the most famous Greek spirits is ‘tsipouro’. A form of moonshine that is the distillation of the grappa skin, and can be an extremely strong liquor that can go up to 60% purity. After 40 days when the grapes are stomped and crushed, the real fun begins, with the tsipouro distillation process. 

Tsipouro is very accessible, all over Greece, and especially in the Peloponnese. You may have heard of the Cretan alternative, ‘raki’. However, seeing it being made is definitely an experience that we recommend. Here at our estate, we duly oblige. Using our Ottoman-era cauldron dating back to 1890, we set up a small feast, with nibbles pairing during the process of its distillation. After that, you can take a bottle back home. A true and authentic memento from your holidays to Peloponnese that we recommend sharing with friends upon your return. 

Apart from the mentioned experiences, at Kinsterna Hotel you get to enjoy exquisite gastronomy with a focus on farm to table ethos. The core philosophy is one of sustainability and utilising the raw materials found in our fertile gardens. As for rest and repose, you’ll find that wrapped up in this delightful encasing, the interiors are equally captivating. All the accommodation is uniquely spatialized and styled, following the building’s original delineations to the greatest extent possible, while at the core of the property, you’ll also find the Spa whose dominant feature is water; an element that is at the heart of Kinsterna Hotel. 

This 17th century mansion will be the highlight of your holidays to Peloponesse, as you reconnect with nature, and contemplate the viscerality of life. 

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