A guide to soul-rich Monemvasia holidays

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Are you considering Monemvasia holidays as your next Greek escape? Perched at the edge of the Peloponnese, Monemvasia seems to live in its own time and historical space. And in a strategic spot within a large, fertile expanse, where old tales whisper through the cobbled streets, Kinsterna Hotel stands as a testament to the glorious history of the region. It is also a testament to sustainability – one of its main tenets. 

Nestled amidst olive groves and vineyards, this restored Byzantine mansion echoes centuries of stories, offering a stay that transcends time, enriches the senses, and touches the soul. If you’re curious about discovering all that this enchanting land has to offer, read on to discover how to craft the most idyllic sojourn ever, with our guide to soul-rich Monemvasia holidays.

From where to stay, what to see, what to experience, and what to enjoy, Kinsterna Hotel is your companion in uncovering the deep-rooted heritage that permeates the 5-star property and its immersive offerings.

Where to Stay:

Historic Roots & Sustainable Philosophy

Kinsterna isn’t just a hotel; it’s a living part of history itself. The estate breathes new life into a historical 17th-century mansion, blending authentic Byzantine architecture with modern luxury. Every stone and corner tells a story, from the ancient cistern that was the source of irrigation to the original olive mill and water well, the natural spring, all, are testaments to the property’s agricultural heritage.

Choose your quarters from our luxurious accommodation within the estate, split across rooms, suites and residences carved out of the original mansion and some newer additions that fully respect the established aesthetics.

Sustainability intertwines with history here, as Kinsterna’s commitment to eco-conscious practices is evident in every detail, from locally sourced materials used in restoration, to its energy-saving initiatives. Our land nurtures exquisite vineyards, olive groves and gardens that procure fresh ingredients for our gastronomy, emphasizing a farm-to-table philosophy that takes us back to our roots. 

What to See:

Beyond the Castle-town

While the iconic Monemvasia castle-town is a stone’s throw away, there’s more to explore in the vicinity. Just a short drive from Kinsterna, the Larnaca Monastery beckons with its serene beauty, offering a glimpse into religious history amidst lush landscapes. For nature enthusiasts, the Agia Sofia Cave astonishes with its stalactites and mystical allure, a mere 30-minute drive from Kinsterna Hotel. There are plenty of attractions and experiences to be had, just make sure you carve out enough time to cover what to do in Monemvasia, Greece. In the end, your Monemvasia holidays are what you make of them, so immerse yourself in the local culture and savour it.

What to Experience:

Immersive Offerings

At Kinsterna, experiences aim at showcasing the land as has always been. Guests can partake in an array of activities that resonate with the region’s spirit. From olive harvesting to guided tours of the estate’s vineyards, every activity weaves a deeper connection to the land. Stroll around the grounds and its 250 plants whilst taking in the aromas like the lingering scent of rosemary and lavender carried in the light breeze. Bread kneading and baking in an old wooden oven, which allows you to take part and learn some of its secrets. Intrigued about honey? Go on a honey harvest or join the beekeeping workshop available for our guests.

On the matter of workshops, you’ll find a wide selection, such as handmade soap lessons, candle making, the grape harvest and traditional stomping of the grapes, as well as harvesting olives and the subsequent pressing in mills to make extra exquisite olive oil, not to mention the tsipouro workshop, in which master craftsmen show how they produce the iconic alcoholic spirit.

Kinsterna also has a great selection of outdoor activities such as horseback riding with an instructor, as well as a horse or donkey cart ride through the area. Naturally, there are boat tours to neighboring jewels, such as Damos-Gerakas, as well as fishing boat tours, for those whose inner adventurer rises to the occasion.  

What to Enjoy:

Gastronomic Delights – From Our Land To Your Table

Dining at Kinsterna is a journey through flavours and ambiance. The award-winning, main restaurant, Sterna, is located around the emblematic cistern, and offers a refined dining experience where local ingredients shine. Mouries, the all-day restaurant, is the go-to place for guests looking to bask under the mulberry trees of the estate while savouring hearty dishes that bridge local produce with all-time favourites, while the third restaurant, Linos Tavern, set under a lush canopy of green, is our most traditional culinary spot.

The Byzantine-era wine cellar transforms into a cozy speak-easy, serving rustic pairings along with your private wine-tasting experience. Note that Kinsterna produces its own acclaimed wine and olive oil. In addition to that, it also makes a host of homemade products for sale, from jams and marmalades to soaps and natural cosmetics products amongst many more. Before your holidays in Monemvasia are over, pick up a memento or two, for family and your loved ones. 

Wellness and Leisure – Water Elements and Serenity

Kinsterna is geared towards enhancing your serenity, with Kinsterna Spa drawing you to its peaceful embrace. Step in and to a tranquil space adorned with mosaic-tiled pools fed by natural spring that invites you to unwind with signature treatments utilizing locally sourced herbs and olive oil. Try the ‘Grape Expectations’, one of the most popular treatments, using essential oils and grape seeds to exfoliate. Meanwhile, the signature treatment ‘The Secret of Olive Oil Essences’ promises a holistic body rejuvenation experience. 

The water elements throughout the spa evoke a sense of revitalization, complemented by panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. There are indoor and outdoor jacuzzis as well as a traditional Ottoman hamam, so dip your toe, let the rest follow, and find the true meaning of serenity. 

When it’s time to pause and take it all in, Kinsterna’s pools offer soul-rich settings that feed your soul, like the flowing waters feed the soil. Surrounded by lush greenery, they provide a refreshing respite under the Mediterranean sun. As for delicious refreshments inspired by the estate’s bounty, the cocktail menu tantalizes taste buds with inventive blends, best enjoyed while lounging in the gardens or beside the pools, basking in the tranquil ambiance.

By choosing to experience the multifaceted hospitality of Kinsterna Hotel during your Monemvasia holidays is to choose an experience that intertwines the past, present, and future. Amidst fairytale-like surroundings, this haven of history, sustainability, serenity and authenticity invites travelers to immerse themselves in the essence of Monemvasia — a journey that lingers in memories long after the stay ends. 

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