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One of the oldest continually inhabited medieval castle towns in the world, the destination of Monemvasia just so happens to be much more than that. And within sight of its most well-known landmark, on the settlement of Agios Stefanos, lies the equally fascinating and historical Kinsterna Hotel, a tranquil heaven that takes hold of your senses and transports them back in time, with a mix of past glory and a contemporary luxury agrotourism in Greece.

Much like the charming castle-town of Monemvasia, half the fun is getting lost in its maze of cobblestone streets, but getting lost before you even reach it is not. So, to avoid any confusion about how to get to Monemvasia, we’ve created a useful guide to reaching it and Kinsterna’s location, with a few tips that will help out in getting the lay of the land.

A bit about Monemvasia 

Often referred to as the “Gibraltar of the East,” Monemvasia has a history that spans over a thousand years, with origins that go back to the 6th century. The town flourished as a bustling trade center, connecting the East and West during the Byzantine era, while after that, it passed hands between the Venetians and the Ottomans, with a brief Frankish occupation wedged in between, before being returned to its rightful owners.

The fortified town hasn’t lost a beat, and that is apparent as you walk through the narrow cobblestone pathways. Its unique blend of Byzantine, Venetian, and Ottoman-preserved buildings, some converted into charming cafes or artisanal shops, so make sure you explore and admire the mesh of old meets new. 

How to reach Monemvasia rock

Monemvasia is essentially a tied island and a seaside location at the southernmost cape of the second ‘leg’ of the Peloponnesian peninsula. It is mostly known for its rock formation and fortified castle-town connected to the mainland by a 50-meter causeway. That should make how to get to Monemvasia rock from the mainland route fairly straightforward, if not somewhat bumpy, as sections of the road have bumps to control speed. Kindly note that no vehicles are allowed inside the town walls and you may only get by on foot, so sensible shoes are always recommended. Upon entering, you will walk and meander along the winding paths that reveal the superbly scenic setting around you. The coastal route on how to get to Monemvasia is also an option for the more adventurous; boat trips are actually one of the best ways to approach and explore coastal gems like Monemvasia. For unlocking all its magic from a unique vantage point few can access, we recommend you take the 60-minute boat ride around Monemvasia rock and the medieval castle town, witnessing it from the sea, while you can also book other sea excursions to other lesser-known spots like Damos too. Simply reach out to us to arrange these sensational sea sojourns.

How to get to Monemvasia from Athens 

If you have been wondering how to get to Monemvasia from Athens city or airport, you will be pleased to know there are two ways. The first is by car. Road trips are a great way to take in the scenic beauty leading up to your destination. And embarking on a road trip to Monemvasia from Athens offers a spectacular journey through Greece’s landscapes.

Getting to Monemvasia from Athens by car is an easy 3.5 to 4-hour drive, or a total of 156 km, heading south on the E75 National Road toward Corinth. Continue on the E65 Corinth-Tripoli section, until reaching Tripoli, then follow the signs to Sparta and onto Monemvasia. Note that if you have time and feel like exploring, the ancient sites of Mycenae and Epidaurus are on the way, and are highly recommended for a stopover if you aren’t rushed for time.  

Another alternative on how to get to Monemvasia from Athens is by airplane, an option for visitors who prefer shorter transit times. However, flying to Monemvasia involves a combination of air travel and a drive or boat ride, depending on your chosen airport. 

The nearest airport to Monemvasia is the one at Kalamata, at a driving distance of 2.5 hours away. However, it also has international charter flights, so it might be a good option to look into if you seek the quickest way to reach your destination.

How to get to Kinsterna Hotel, Movemvasia, Greece

Kinsterna Hotel is found in a resplendent estate in the countryside of Agios Stefanos, offering backdrop views of the fortified rock landmark which is just 7 km away. Once you arrive at the castle-town, how to get to Kinsterna Hotel, Monemvasia, Greece is easy. Simply follow the seaside road ahead and the sign-posting will lead you through fields and plots, until you reach a place steeped in history and tradition in which to experience the most soul-rich Monemvasia holidays

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