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Few hotels around the world have the amount of history that Kinsterna Hotel wields. Awakening rural splendour in a world where modernity tends to eclipse the past, this remarkable Peloponnese resort invites guests to take a leap back in time and imagine days of bygone glory in a place that treats its history like it does its future: with respect and enthusiasm. As Peloponnese resorts go, Kinsterna promises the stay of a lifetime. So, make your way to Monemvasia, and see another world unfold before your eyes. 

The Fascinating Story 

The history of the estate grounds and the region dates way back, with the influences of Ottomans, Venetians, Byzantines, and even Dorian Argives who founded the city of Epidaurus Limeras in the 6th century BC, being quite tangible. With its stone walls and timeless charm, this architectural gem served various purposes over the years, weathering the inexorable ebb and flow of time and witnessing the rise and fall of empires. The surrounding vineyards, now part of the hotel’s domain, once witnessed the Venetian invasion of Monemvasia in 1689.

And as the pages of history turned, the 1821 Greek revolution ushered in a new era. Kinsterna Hotel found itself in the care of the Kapistini family, who, captivated by the magnetic pull of the mansion, became the custodians of its legacy. It is through their dedicated stewardship that the essence of Kinsterna remained and evolved, reflecting the diverse cultural influences that shaped its past, thus becoming one of the most fascinating Peloponnese resorts. 

The Stately Manor

Central to the story of Kinsterna Hotel is the last lady of the manor, Lina Kapistini, who played a pivotal role in preserving its singular heritage, until the 1970s. After she had to leave the manor, a period of abandonment followed, until 2006, when the current owners fell head over heels with this remnant of history. They meticulously began the restoration efforts of the structure and its gardens, by preserving original features and replicating others to fill in the gaps of wear and tear. Kinsterna’s luxury accommodation provides a stay experience that tickles the imagination, as each room is unique in every way possible. Kinsterna manor is an ode to reviving authenticity. After all, in how many hotels do you come across an old oil mill, a water well – or a hidden storage space under the floor of a suite? 

Today, as you amble through the corridors and courtyards of this Peloponnese resort, you’ll follow in the footsteps of the past and on a journey that transcends time. The architectural nuances of the Byzantine and Ottoman eras are carefully preserved, allowing you to touch the past with every step. The hotel is also an ode to cultural resilience and a testament to the indelible history of the area. While showcasing its past, it safeguards its present and future, breathing new life into a timeless hotel-destination like no other. 

The Resplendent Estate 

At the core of Kinsterna Hotel’s identity lies a commitment to honouring its historical roots. The spirit of the past is not just confined to the physical structure; it permeates every aspect of the guest experience. The land of our estate covers 25 acres of resplendent countryside, comprised of olive groves, vineyards, orchards and gardens. You see, the landscape surrounding the manor building is and has always been, a vital part of its identity and livelihood. The slow and sustainable rhythm of life that characterized the eras gone by is revived through a series of carefully curated immersive experiences and activities.

You’ll have the opportunity to immerse in the traditions of the region and participate in little adventures that will connect you to the land and its heritage. From olive harvesting to grape stomping and bread-kneading, every experience is a nod to the agrarian way of life that once defined this corner of the Peloponnese. It is a chance to step away from the frenetic pace of modern life and embrace a simpler, more deliberate way of living. And in addition to being one of the most legendary Peloponnese resorts, Kinsterna Hotel is also a paragon for luxury agrotourism in Greece

Sustainable Living

Kinsterna Hotel’s commitment to sustainability extends well beyond the guest experience to its sustainable dining philosophy. This comes through its thriving organic garden, where fresh, seasonal produce is cultivated. The farm-to-table ethos all but ensures that every meal is a festival of flavours. Dining at Kinsterna is gastronomic exploration that espouses this Peloponnese resort’s broader commitment to preserving and promoting the cultural heritage of the region across three restaurants offering three distinctly different culinary experiences. 

As the sun sets over the Peloponnese, casting a warm glow upon the centuries-old stones of Kinsterna Hotel, you are left with a profound sense of connection to the past and with yourself. This Peloponnese resort stands as a bridge between eras, a living monument that invites travelers to pause, reflect, and savour the beauty of a bygone time. Change is constant, but Kinsterna Hotel reminds us that some things are timeless, and no matter the march of time, you can still grab hold of the past. 

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