New operating procedures

Τhe application of the new strict protocols of hygiene and the new operation procedures combined with the natural advantages of Kinsterna, make the mansion an “alternative refuge” hidden in the slopes of Mount Parnon, with a special microclimate and an impressive flora which further shield our guests’ security.
We take the temperature of all our guests upon arrival and they are advised to wash their hands in the troughs. Special signs will remind everyone of the necessary protection measures. Below you will find information on the new procedures being applied aiming at your safe stay in a protected environment, in the new internal and external areas.

  • Extension of the Reception area, dividing in into a Check in and a Check out area to avoid overcrowding.
  • Change of Check in/Check out times (check out 11.00/check in 15.00) so that the room can be thoroughly disinfected and the natural ventilation will be sufficient.
  • The use of credit / debit cards for all transactions is recommended.
  • Guests will park their cars in Parking 1 or in Parking 2 depending on the location of their room, to avoid overcrowding.
  • The club car used for the transportation of guests within the hotel grounds, is equipped with disposable gloves and masks and antiseptic and it is disinfected regularly. It is mainly used for the transportation of guests who park in Parking areas.

  • Your room has been thoroughly cleaned and further disinfected by steam cleaner prior to your arrival, while special attention is given to the cleaning of frequent contact spots (like door knobs, switches, telephones, handles, etc.).
  • The evening turndown service will only be offered upon request. Please inform the Reception accordingly.

  • In the in-door communal areas, antiseptic stations have been installed, while in the outdoor communal areas, a lot of sinks have been placed with water from our spring, to facilitate hand washing and disinfection.
  • All the communal areas and furniture are daily cleaned with a steam cleaner and disinfectant is used on all the high risk spots (door knobs, etc.).
  • In the communal areas, the pieces of furniture have been reduced to avoid overcrowding.
  • The public toilets are regularly disinfected.

  • In the breakfast area, the entrance/exit points are clearly marked with special signs to avoid overcrowding.
  • Breakfast buffet is available to be used from guests having followed the necesary hygienic hand disinfection before entering the breakfast hall.


  • It is recommended to book your place at our restaurants to avoid overcrowding
  • The area of the “Linos” tavern has been extended and you now have the opportunity to dine in the estate, under the pomegranate and the quince trees.
  • We promote the use of paper sous plat and paper sheaths for cutlery, in our restaurants, for safety reasons.
  • Sugar and honey are offered in disposable packaging. Salt and pepper are also offered in disposable packaging by room service.

  • The relaxing area in the swimming pool for adults has been circumferentially extended with deck chairs placed among the aromatic orange and lemon trees as well as under the centuries-long olive trees.
  • Correspondingly, the relaxing area in the family swimming pool has been extended with deck chairs to the area near the fig tree.
  • The use of the showers is necessary before the use of the swimming pool for hygiene reasons.
  • Swimming pool towels are provided in a special sealed packing.


  • Strict protocols of hygiene, cleanliness and disinfection are kept in the area of the Kinsterna Spa.
  • The area of the Kinsterna Spa will be used strictly by one person or by one family each time.
  • There will be a 30-minute pause between sessions for further cleaning and disinfection of the area.

  • The area of the Kinsterna Gym will be used strictly by one person or by one family each time.
  • For reservations, please contact the Reception.
  • There will be a 30-minute pause between sessions for further cleaning and disinfection of the area.

  • The bread-making in the olf wood-fired oven, the wine-tasting, the soap-making, the buggy ride, the horseback and donkey riding, the tour of the mansion and the boat trips will continue to take place, taking all the necessary measures for the safety and hygiene of our guests.
  • We propose new activities, such as a visit to the old Ottoman tower, the spring and the Malea hill (ideally in the evening), a visit to the stables for sheep, horses and donkeys as well as hiking among our vines, to the area ‘Megalo Perivoli’ or Foutia village.
  • We suggest you book your participation in these activities as early as possible, to avoid overcrowding.

  • In case you suddenly don’t feel well or if you have symptoms related to Covid-19, please remain in your room and contact the Reception immediately.
  • The usage of masks from our personnel follows the neccesary guidelines of the Government.
  • For reasons of safety, the entrance of non-residents to the Kinsterna Hotel is forbidden
  • Guests data are archived for reasons of protection of public health.
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