Energy plan

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Recognizing that we are in the midst of a global energy and environmental crisis, we aim at energy saving processes by supporting the operation of the mansion under the guidance of the EU with the following actions:

  • In case of a power cut, we have facilities to supply the necessary electricity
  • Use of energy saving lamps throughout the complex
  • Lighting set up with timers
  • Use of state-of-the-art electrical appliances with low consumption
  • We have planned the installation of photovoltaics (solar panels) to cover all energy needs with renewable sources
  • Use of the air conditioning in public areas only when necessary
  • Default adjustment of the air conditioning temperature to 24 degrees Celsius in all rooms, which can be modified on request
  • Automatic power outage using a room key-card
  • Room air conditioning is switched on when guests arrive in the room. The Housekeeping department reserves the right to turn off the air conditioning when the guest is not in the room.

The mansion that was restored with absolute respect to its long historical route to be transformed into a unique accommodation, during its construction traditional methods were implemented as well as using local and natural building materials, such as black stone, cypress, pebble marble, handmade old tiles and reeds. In addition, we constantly support the revival of the old practices of the estate such as the grape harvest, the kneading of bread, etc., and we benefit from this impressive model of sustainability and self-sufficiency by producing traditional products that provide supply to the kitchen (vegetables, bread, honey, herbs, wine, olive oil, etc.) and contribute to the maintenance of sustainable methods of operation of the mansion to save natural resources:

  • Waste compost and separation of kitchen food residues for feeding the stable animals
  • Water resource management and protection, offering natural filtered water from the two springs located on the property
  • The swimming pools are supplied with running water from the natural spring
  • We are constantly improving the biological purification and we use the water for irrigation of the fruit and olive trees when there is not enough water from the natural source

We invite you to contribute to the effort of environmental and social sustainability by participating in the following ways:

  • Please keep the air conditioner at 24 degrees Celsius and ensure all windows are closed
  • When leaving your room, ensure turning off air conditioners, lights and appliances
  • Participate in the towel and bedding recycling program
  • Limit the use of useless water resources

It is a great honor for us that in the last years the mansion has been consecutively awarded the ‘Green Key’ certification, the global standard of excellence in the field of environmental responsibility and sustainable operation in the tourism industry.

Thank you very much for supporting us and contributing with your actions to the reduction of energy consumption and our environmental footprint for the protection of our planet so that future generations can enjoy the “gifts” that nature has inherited us.

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