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Kinsterna Hotel Lobby

Kinsterna Family Suite


The collection of Kinsterna Family Suites offers stunning views of the Aegean Sea and the mansion’s private vineyards from the comfort of a charming balcony. Featuring a separate bedroom with a king size bed overlooking the stunning sea view, this category of hospitality space is distinguished by the second room – a living room, with

Junior Suite

Junior Suite - Kinsterna Hotel

Staying in a Junior Suite of Kinsterna Hotel introduces us to a world of timeless architectural elegance. Each of the Junior Suites has its own unique character. Some of them are on the ground floor and include lush private terraces, while others reveal special elements of the architectural heritage of the mansion. For example, in

Double Room

Double Room - Kinsterna Hotel

The elegant double rooms offer a romantic, timeless accommodation experience. Warm and inviting, they are designed to support a quick work session- or serve a sudden inspiration, as they feature office furniture. Staying in a double room at Kinsterna Hotel is an immediate, experiential experience of contact with the history of the mansion, since the

Byzantine Suite

Byzantine Suite - Kinsterna Hotel (2)

We often like to think that the Byzantines would approve of the name we have given to these suites at Kinsterna Hotel; a name dictated by the Byzantine domes and stone arches that have made these spaces unsurpassed for many of our guests. All rooms in this category have an outdoor terrace with lush vegetation,

Kinsterna Suite

Kinsterna Suite Balcony- Kinsterna Hotel (2)

Kinsterna Suites have consistently held the top spot, remaining to this day the most popular choice among our guests. Spacious and with a separate living area, they offer stunning views of the Aegean Sea and the mansion’s private vineyards, while most of them have a balcony. The preference enjoyed by these unique spaces among guests

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