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belvedere bar

Sunrise from belvedere

The view we see while relaxing at the Belvedere bar seems to encapsulate Elytis’ famous phrase: “If you dismantle Greece, in the end you will find that you will be left with an olive tree, a vineyard and a boat. Which means, with so much more, you can rebuild it”. And indeed, three ‘seas’ are

mouries bar

Kinsterna Hotel Mouries Bar

Mouries is Kinsterna’s bar that awaits you throughout the year. A place dedicated to the enjoyment of favourite drinks, fine wines; but also our exclusive cocktails, inspired by the aromas of the herbs that fill the air around the mansion with scents, stirring the senses. Both in the cosy atmosphere of the interior and on

pool bar


The Pool Bar is located next to the adult pool. Here the coolness of the water on the skin meets the coolness of cocktails and the light enjoyment of small meals throughout the day. Drawing inspiration from the fresh fruit of our garden, we offer our own version of timeless favourites, cocktails bursting with notes

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