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Stargazing Night

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    Stargazing Night

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For the forth consecutive time,  something exciting is happening at the Kinsterna Hotel this summer! For those dark summer nights with a sky full of stars, Kinsterna Hotel and the Astronomy Club of Sparta will bring the Greek heroes and their myths alive. The astro-guides, will talk about Hercules's labors and even what happened to boasting Queen Cassiopeia, telling the eternal stories written on the constellations.

Astronomy was very much an ancient Greek pastime and science. Astronomy projects were put together at Plato's Academy and Aristarchus of Samos had his own theories about the stars and the planets. The Night Sky tour at Kinsterna, will unveil the mysteries of sky lights, connecting the ancient past, with current Astrophysics.

The stargazing experience will take place on 7th September at the Kinsterna Hotel where guests will be able to view the Moon, and the Planets with state-of-the-art equipment.

Kinsterna wine and two signature cocktails will be offered on spot.

Meeting place: Kinsterna reception.

Cost: 24€ / person

Βooking is advisable.

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