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September Activities Schedule

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    September Activities Schedule

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It is our great pleasure to welcome you at Kinsterna Hotel and provide you information regarding all pre-sceduled activities, available until the end of July, in order to enhance further your experience during your stay.

All the procedures we follow for the implementation of the activities have been redesigned taking all the necessary measures of protection and hygiene. At the same time, we suggest you book your participation in any of the following activities as early as possible, to avoid overcrowding. 


Guided tour of the mansion*

A guided tour that takes visitors back in time to explore the unique building and learn more about its previous owners and the amazing restoration that brought it back to life. The library of the mansion boasts a rich collection of books, the original land contract, as well as photographs depicting the building prior to its restoration. Marvel at the architectural details in the common areas and many special rooms and discover their stories.

every Tuesday, 11:00  & 19:00

every Thursday, 12:00

every Saturday, 11:00

every Sunday, 12:00


Kneading & baking homemade village-style bread at the old wood-fired oven*

Learn the secrets of bread-making directly from the village baker: how to sift the flour and make traditional bread-dough by hand. Help bake the bread in the old stone (wood-fired) oven or observe as she shapes the delicious loaves - while drinking your fragrant Greek coffee. The more adventurous visitors can mix a variety of local ingredients and aromatic herbs into their bread, such as olives or fresh thyme and oregano from our gardens.

every Saturday, 11:30

Discover the art of handmade soap making*

Participants will have the opportunity to learn the recipe for making handmade soap from our experienced manufacturer, who reveals his secrets of this lost craft. Mix in some spices and aromatic herbs from the Kinsterna gardens. Participants are welcome to keep the handmade soap and are given the recipe to prepare their own batch at home.

every Thursday & Sunday, 11:15

Enjoy a carriage ride*

Riding through the estate's gardens in our horse-drawn Egyptian Royal carriage (from 1900) is a true delight.

every Wednesday & Sunday, 19:00

Enjoy a jaunt with our donkey*

All Kinsterna guests - and especially our little firends -  have the unique pleasure of a ride on our donkey within the mansion's estate.

every Monday, 11:00 & every Friday, 12:00

Tour at the mansion's gardens, orchards & vineyards*

A stroll through the richly planted gardens of the estate will also give you a chance to enjoy the varied colours and glorious scents of the decorative and aromatic plants and herbs (over 250 species), and you can also sample fruits and vegetables from our extensive gardens.

every Monday & Thursday, 18:00

Visit to the old Ottoman tower, the spring of the mansion and the ‘Malea’ hill*

The afternoon is ideal for hiking or a short walk near Kinsterna, where you will have the opportunity to visit an old Ottoman tower, the spring of the mansion and the Malea Hill. This is the outdoor location used by Konstantinos Maleas to perform his famous work ‘Monemvasia’ (1924-1928)**, one of the landscapes of the last and most mature period of the famous painter. From this point, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the unique view provided by the downhill slope, which ends at the sea and the distant horizon, with the impressive Rock of Monemvasia standing imperious in the background. The painting depicts the impressive eucalyptus trees of the mansion and the conical cypress trees.

**a copy of the work is available at the mansion’s library

every Friday & Sunday, 10:00

Harvest & pressing of grapes*

Take part in the harvest of grapes from Kinsterna's vineyards on the hill directly across from the mansion. The traditional ritual of crushing the grapes is performed with bare feet as in ancient times - in the tub or 'patitiri'.

every Saturday, 09:45 (harvest), 11:30 (pressing)

Every Saturday, during the pressing of the grapes in the traditional wine press, fresh village-style bread is baked in the old stone (wood-fired) oven. At the same time we offer our guests Kinsterna wines with a variety of cheeses as well as old-fashioned grape-must pudding which is prepared on the spot.

Visit an Ottoman farmhouse of 1770AD by the mansion's jeep

Visit an Ottoman residence built in 1760 AD. The residence is located in the area of ‘Megalo Perivoli’, hidden away in the ravines. You can take a look at the interior spaces of the residence and enjoy a Greek coffee and traditional spoon sweet surrounded by nature.

every Monday& Thursday, 18:00 - 20:00, cost: 20€ / person

Boat tour of the Monemvasia Rock

The trip on the Kinsterna boat takes about 45' and gives you a chance to get a unique look from the sea at the rock upon which the medieval citadel was built, as well as of St. Sophia church (13th century). You can also take a swim off the boat!

every Tuesday & Saturday, 10:00 - 11:00, cost 35€ / person

For further information, you are kindly requested to email us at


*offered on a complimentary basis

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