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September Activities

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    September Activities

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Throughout the year Kinsterna offers year-round and seasonal activities, which are associated with the estate and specially designed for guests wishing to become better acquainted with the history of the mansion and the surrounding area.

Below you will find the activities schedule which is valid until the end of September, including selected prearranged activities, offered on a complimentary basis for our inhouse guests.

Guided tour of the mansion

A guided tour that takes visitors back in time to explore the unique building and learn more about its previous owners and the amazing restoration that brought it back to life. The library of the mansion boasts a rich collection of books, the original land contract, as well as photographs depicting the building prior to its restoration.

Every Wednesday & Sunday, 11:00

Carriage ride

Guests of all ages can enjoy a ride in our Royal Egyptian horse-drawn carriage from 1900 within the estate to enjoy the natural setting and incredible view.

Every Wednesday & Sunday, 11:00

Donkey ride

Guests and especially children may experience the unique pleasure of a ride on our donkey within the Kinsterna estate.

Every Monday & Thursday, 11:00

Kneading & Baking country bread

Participation in the process of making bread from kneading to baking it in the old stone oven. Guests will use ingredients from our estate, such as oregano, olives and raisins.

Every Saturday, 11:00

Soap making

Guests will have the opportunity to participate in the preparation of handmade soap with spices and herbs from the Kinsterna's gardens.

Every Tuesday & Saturday, 11:00pm

Honey harvest from Kinsterna's beehives

Every year, this period, our guests have the rare opportunity to watch the honey harvest by the beekeeper at "Mouries" restaurant. After removing the wax from the honeycombs, the honeycomb frames are placed in the honey extractor and spun by hand. During spinning, the honey extractor removes the honey, and a special spigot pours the honey into containers.

Every Thursday & Sunday, 09:00 - 11:00

Hiking to vineyards & Pressing the grapes

From mid August until the end of September, Kinsterna offers the opportunity to its guests to visit its privately owned vineyards and participate in the grapes' crushing, within a festive atmosphere. For further information, please click here

Hiking to vineyards: 09:00 every Friday

Grapes pressing: 11:00 every Friday


For further information you are kindly requested to contant our Activities Manager at

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