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November Activities

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    November Activities

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Throughout the year Kinsterna offers year-round and seasonal activities, which are associated with the estate and specially designed for guests wishing to become better acquainted with the history of the mansion and the surrounding area.

Below you will find the weekly schedule, which includes selected prearranged activities. Detailed information regarding the full activities menu you may find here.


Olive oil picking

When the olives are ready, our guests go to the orchard, where the gardener demonstrates how the olives are harvested and then helps visitors to gather the fruit by hand with small rakes and olive nets placed on the ground.

Saturday 03,10 & 17 October, 09:00am


Olive oil production

The olives are crushed in the old stome mill using traditional methods in order to produce the season's fresh oil. Whoever so desires may also prepare table olives (for eating) according to Kinsterna's simple recipe and taste olive oil with various delicacies prepared by the Chef.

Saturday 03,10 & 17October, 11:00am


Kneading & Baking country bread

Participation in the process of making bread from kneading to baking it in the old stone oven. Guests will use ingredients from our estate, such as oregano, olives and raisins.

Saturday 03, 10 & 17 October, 11:00am


Distillation of Greek spirits 'tsipouro'

The process of producing tsipouro takes place using the estate's own Ottoman alembic (sealed cauldron) from 1890. At the end of this process, you can take home a bottle of tsipouro that you have made yourself!

Saturday 03, 10 & 17 October, 11:00am


Guided tour of the mansion

A guided tour that takes visitors back in time to explore the unique building and learn more about its previous owners and the amazing restoration that brought it back to life. The library of the mansion boasts a rich collection of books, the original land contract, as well as photographs depicting the building prior to its restoration.

Sunday 04, 11 & 18 October, 10:00am


Carriage ride or a ride on our donkey

Guests of all ages can enjoy a ride in our Royal Egyptian horse-drawn carriage from 1900 within the estate to enjoy the natural setting and incredible view. They may also experience the unique pleasure of a ride on our donkey.

Sunday 04, 11 & 18 October, 11:00am

For further information, you are kindly requested to email us at or contact the Activities Desk from Friday to Sunday, 12:00 - 13:00.

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