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Grape Harvest & Stomping

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    Grape Harvest & Stomping

Event date:

From 20th August until the end of September, Kinsterna guests are invited to be part of our story by participating in our grape harvesting and stombing

From the 20th of August until the end of September, every Friday Kinsterna guests will have the great opportunity to visit Kinsterna's vineyards by hiking or by car on the hill directly across from the mansion to participate in harvesting. 

After the harvest, the traditional wine-making ritual of crushing the grapes, the method of maceration, is performed with bare feet as in the ancient times - in the tub or 'patitiri' at the area of Linos Tavern.
The event wouldn't be complete without trying Kinsterna house wines, accompanied by grapes and a cheese variety. Our experienced staff will also demonstrate the preparation of 'Moustalevria' - a traditional Greek pudding made of grapes in which guests may also participate.

Hiking to vineyards or visiting by car:  9:00, every Friday

Grape stombing:  12:00, every Friday


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