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Christmas & New Year's Celebration!

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    Christmas & New Year's Celebration!

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Baking traditional country bread

The experience includes baking the traditional handmade bread at the old stone oven. The most adventurous guests are also invited to participate in the process and help our local village baker to sift and knead the traditional bread dough by hand, using ingredients from our estate such as oregano, olives or raisins into the loaves of bread.

23/12/18, 29/12/18, 05/01/19, 11:00


Olive picking

Our estate's workers overlay the olive groves area with special cloths and guests who are interested to participate, have the opportunity to help them pick the olives by using special tools.

23/12/18, 09:00

Production of extra virgin Olive Oil

Participate in the production of extra virgin olive oil, which is one of the most important agricultural activities in Greece! Watch how the olives are crushed in the old stone mill using traditional methods to produce the cold pressed olive oil, called "agoureleo".

23/12/18, 30/12/18, 05/01/19, 11:00

Preparation of table olives

During the production of extra virgin olive oil, you will also have the opportunity to bottle olives following the mansion's simple recipe. Olives are preserved in a special plastic bottle by adding water, salt, lemon, and aromatic herbs from our estate.

23/12/18, 29/12/18, 05/01/19, 11:00

Guided tour of the mansion

Travel back in time while exploring this unique mansion; learn everything about its previous owners and the fascinating story of its restoration. Moreover, a stroll through the richly planted gardens of the estate will also give you a chance to enjoy the varied colors and glorious scents of the decorative and aromatic plants and herbs (over 250 species), and you can also sample fruits and vegetables from our extensive gardens.

24/12/18, 30/12/18, 06/01/19, 10:00

Enjoy a carriage ride or a jaunt with our donkey

Riding through the estate's gardens in our horse-drawn Egyptian royal carriage (from 1900) is a true delight, and you may also experience the unique pleasure of a ride on our donkey.

24/12/18, 28/12/18, 30/12/18, 02/01/19, 06/01/19, 11:00

Horseback riding

Experience horseback riding sessions (15' minutes duration) with our experienced instructor, within the Kinsterna estate. The session is offered on a complimentary basis to guests who have benefited from our privileged accommodation offer and are requested to fix their appointment in time. Rest of the guests - if they so wish- have the opportunity to experience the horseback riding session on the additional cost of 10€/ person.

25/12/18, 31/12/18, 10:00-13:00

Production of the Greek spirits 'tsipouro'

The production of tsipouro, which is ideal companion for delicious hors d'oeuvres and freshly baked bread, takes place after the grapes crush. The spirit is still prepared in an old Ottoman cauldron from 1890. Once the process is finished, guests can take their own bottle of tsipouro home!

25/12/18, 11:00

Handmade soap making

Observe from up close the process of making handmade soap from olive oil, aromatic herbs and spices from Kinsterna's gardens and learn secrets of this craft that have been handed from generation to generation. You can also obtain glycerin soap and take home with you the soap you made on your own!

01/01/19, 11:00-12:00

Wine Tasting (upon request)

During our wine tasting events, guest will have the opportunity to learn more about the local wines and their characteristics and to sample the finest wines in the region, including Kinsterna's own special wines and the legendary 'Monemvasia-Malvasia', prized since the 12th century and recently awarded the coveted PDO designation.

26/12/18, 01/01/19, 18:00

Treasure Hunt

Our guests are invited to participate in a tailor made version of the “Lost Treasure Hunt” game, by following specific signs inspired by the mansion’s long history, in order to reach the prize! Experience a great opportunity to learn more about our history in a relaxed mood! Young guests will also have the opportunity to explore the mansion, combining play with learning!

26/12/18, 31/12/18, 14:00-16:00

Réveillon Dinner at Christmas Eve & New Year's Eve

Guests who have benefited from the privileged accommodation offer at Kinsterna will enjoy the festive Reveillon on a complimentary basis. Rest of the guests - if they so wish - have the option of participating at a cost of 70€/ person (drinks are not included), upon reservation.

Especially at the New Year's Eve Reveillon, as soon as the festive dinner will be completed, the cutting of the New Year’s Eve cake will take place. The traditional Greek ‘Vasilopita’ contains a hidden coin which gives good luck to the receiver.

24/12/18 & 31/12/18, 20:30

Festive Brunch

Guests have the opportunity to enjoy our festive brunch buffet at the restaurant 'mouries'. Guests who have benefited from our privileged accommodation offer will enjoy the brunch buffet on a complimentary basis. Our other guests - if they so wish - have the option of participating at a cost of 55€/ person, upon reservation.

25/12/18, 01/01/19, 13:00-15:00

Invitation to afternoon tea

Enjoy afternoon tea and hot beverages with herbs from our estate, accompanied by selection of festive desserts in buffet style at the stylish and atmospheric restaurant 'sterna'.

25/12/18, 01/01/19, 16:30-18:30



Guests are kindly requested to confirm date and time of all the above activities by contacting Kinsterna's Reception. All activities are offered on a complimentary basis to our guests, except the wine tasting sessions.



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