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Autumn Activities

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    Autumn Activities

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Autumn Activities

Production of the Greek spirit, "tsipouro"

The production of tsipouro takes place forty days after the grape crush. The spirit is still prepared in an old Ottoman cauldron from 1890. Once the process is finished, participants can take their own bottle of tsipouro home!

Saturday 14/10 & 22/10

Sunday 05/11

Production of olive oil

The production of extra virgin olive oil is one of the most important activities in Greece. Watch how the olives are crushed in the old stone mill using traditional methods to produce the cold pressed olive oil, called "agoureleo". You will also have the opportunity to bottle olives following the mansion's simple recipe, as well as have an oilve oil tasting and delicious snacks prepared by the mansion's chef.

28th October & every Saturday from 04/11/2017 until 16/12/2017

Especially on Saturday, November 25th, we have the pleasure to welcome in our mansion, Mr. Vasilis Frantzolas, M.Sc Food Policy, Olive Oil Taster and Quality Advisor in order to offer our visitors a unique experience through the following events:

Experiential Seminar & Tasting, 12:00

Along with kneading and baking bread in the old stone wood oven, an experiential seminar will be held on the tasting characteristics of olive oil with parallel tasting of 6 selected different varieties.

Speech on Diet, 18:00

Talk about the hidden truths that generally concern our diet with references to olive oil, seed oils, milk, phytosterols and the "myths" regarding cholesterol.

Baking country bread

Learn how our local village baker shifts and kneads traditional bread dough by hand. Help her bake bread in the old stone oven or watch how she artfully creates hot, sumptuous loaves of bread while sipping a Greek coffee. Adventurous bakers are invited to participate in the process and help knead some local ingredients from our estate, such as oregano, olives or raisins, into the loaves of bread.

Every Saturday until 16/12/2017

Soap making

Learn the recipe for making handmade soap from a local villager, who reveals her secrets. Mix in some spices and aromatuic herbs from the Kinsterna gardens. Participants are welcome to keep the handmade soap, and are given the recipe to prepare their own batch at home.

04, 11, 18, 25 & 28 October

Every Saturday from 11/11/2017 until 16/12/2017

Moreover, our guests will have the opportunity to enjoy interesting activities on a daily basis, such as horseback riding with our instructor, riding in our traditional horse-drawn carriage, cycling or hiking through the vineyards and along the footpaths in the surrounding area or the E33 European hiking path, which connects Kinsterna and the picturesque village of Koulentia.

For further details regarding the timetable, you are kindly requested to contact the reception at +30 27320 66300 or email us at

Participation in all above activities and events is valid for Kinsterna residents on a complimentary basis.

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